Woody the Cockatiel Enjoys Her Hawaiian Adventures

Woody the cockatiel lives in beautiful Hawaii together with her people Nika and Antonio. She lives a sexy unconventional existence for a puppy chicken, attending to discover and hook up with nature. Her folks appear to benefit from the adventures much more with their lovely cockatiel on their shoulder. Nika loves taking footage in their tours, and from the appearance of it, they’re one satisfied, outdoorsy circle of relatives.

“I’d say my favourite factor to do with Woody is to take her on outdoor adventures. I’m a photographer, so I spend a ton of time outside exploring new puts,” Nika says. “I really like having the ability to take this little woman to a few of my favourite spots, so she will be able to experience a few of Hawaii’s good looks too.”

Meet the Hawaiian cockatiel

Woody the Pied Cockatiel lives at the island of Oahu in Hawaii. She’s been to waterfalls, seashores, hikes into the forests and jungles, and he or she’s observed many stunning sunrises and sunsets.

“I feel she in point of fact enjoys it, so it’s a really perfect little bonding enjoy for us,” Nika says.

Since cockatiels are very social, inquisitive birds, they love spending time with their house owners. They’re delicate, candy and pleasant, and unquestionably have their very own quirky humorousness! On Woody’s Instagram web page, her mother jokingly put “Yellow however now not mellow” in her biography. That are supposed to provide you with a glimpse into this tiny chicken’s large persona.

She will be able to get loud every now and then, however her candy nature simply makes up for her mischievous tactics. Cockatiels are identified for being feisty but cuddly and docile on the similar time. They’re an animal of many extremes and contradictions, however they make superb pets. If truth be told, they’re one of the crucial widespread better half birds on this planet.

Cockatiels are very affectionate, loving animals and want a lot of consideration. Not like some birds, they in reality don’t like spending a large number of time by means of themselves.

Woody lives her easiest existence going out on adventures in Hawaii

“One thing that I feel is tremendous lovable about Woody is that she just about all the time needs to hang around with us. If we’re at the sofa staring at TV, she’ll fly down from her perch and simply sit down on us or close to us,” Nika says. “Some days Woody’s dad works lengthy hours so he’ll get house in point of fact drained and simply cross out at the carpet. Once he falls asleep, she’ll fly all the way down to him and simply get started slumbering with or on him, and I feel that’s simply the cutest factor ever.”

When Woody’s now not cuddling, slumbering, or adventuring together with her folks, she loves getting head scratches and taking showers! Sure, you learn that as it should be. Woody seems ahead to bathtub time simply up to people do, and it kind of feels to in point of fact chill out her.

“She loves taking showers, so we’ll simply take her within the bathe with us. Once she sees the flow of water, she’ll shut her eyes and get started shifting her head backward and forward till I deliver her beneath the water,” Nika explains.

Cockatiels are unbearably lovable, however they do require a large number of consideration and energy. Similar to with any puppy, you want to make sure to’re able earlier than adopting one. Even if, for those who’ve by no means owned a chicken earlier than, cockatiels are nice for inexperienced persons on account of their sociable, delicate nature. Even supposing they’re within the parrot circle of relatives, they’re a lot quieter than massive parrots, handiest making comfortable chirping sounds.

So far as meals is going, they require a nutrition prime in pellets and somewhat low in vegetables and seeds. Their nutrition will have to include about 70-80% pellets, 10-30% vegetables or end result and 5% treats (together with seeds). Whilst seeds are herbal to a chicken’s nutrition, they’re prime in fats, so that they shouldn’t have them frequently.

Additionally they require a big sufficient enclosure to conveniently prolong and flap their wings. Be sure to have other sized perches and a number of other toys of their cage as smartly. Cockatiels are foraging birds, so toys assist with psychological stimulation. In the end, like all puppy, you’ll need to take them for an annual vet seek advice from and keep up-to-date on vaccines.

A couple of elementary information about cockatiels

Reasonable existence span: 6-Two decades
Colour: Grey, white and yellow
Circle of relatives: cockatoo
Origins: Australia
Sounds: whistling
Weight: simply over 1 oz. (30-40 g)
Dimension: Round 12-14 in lengthy
Sleep: about 14 hours consistent with day
Vitamin: herbivore

Since cockatiels are social animals, it’s a good suggestion to get two birds for those who’re away for lengthy sessions of time. This fashion, they gained’t change into depressed from loss of interplay. Additionally, for those who don’t like a large number of noise, undertake a feminine cockatiel relatively than a male. Within the wild, women are quieter, and men use their voice for attracting a mate.

Total, cockatiels are superb, somewhat affordable pets, however they do want your consideration. Should you’d love to undertake one, test along with your native puppy retailer.

Ultimate ideas: Woody the cockatiel resides her easiest existence in Hawaii

Woody the cockatiel lives a sexy thrilling existence in comparison to maximum domesticated birds. As a substitute of spending all day in her cage indoors, she will get to discover the gorgeous attractions of Hawaii. Since her folks each love nature, they figured they’d take Woody alongside to discover with them. They even purchased a harness for her so she will be able to fly or stroll freely with out having the ability to fly away.

Should you’d love to get a cockatiel, they’re nice birds for inexperienced persons. They’re loving, candy, and comical birds, and so they’ll really feel like circle of relatives if you’ve bonded with them.

“If you’re serious about including a chicken into your circle of relatives, I might strongly suggest that you just do your analysis first. Birds have a ton of power, they require a large number of your consideration, and albeit, they may be able to simply be in point of fact loud all the way through the day. So, for those who’re now not able for that, it may be so much,” Nika says. “There are particular existence adjustments you will have to make. However, for those who’re able to make the ones adjustments and also you do make a decision to get a chicken, they’re tremendous rewarding pets and make superior partners.”

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